Breeding plans - bullterrier

Upcoming - "D" litter 


 "DONNA" is in whelp with "ROCK"

Gingersnaps Vanessa Paradis a.k.a Donna is a lovely female that has given me gorgeous
pups before. She has cac/cacib at shows, has done a mentality test and is healthy as a horse!

Trick or Treat Near to Surrender a.k.a Rock is father to my "C" litter which I'm very happy with,
due to Covid-19 he has to stay longer than expected in Sweden so I took the chance to use him for another litter.
He has cac at shows and is healthtested clear and have a great temperament!

 Gingersnap Vanessa Paradis, foto: Kennel Broken NoseTrick or Treat Near to Surrender foto: J Helsing



Winged Woman Kadhambam "KATE" is planned to be mated to a stunning male.

Kate is DNA tested Clear för PKD & LAD and is checked clear for heart, kidney/upc and patella.
She also has had an eye exam/CERF clear.

Kate has been to show, awarded with EXC and has done a splendid mentality test that made me laugh
ALOT! just like her parents did.


 Light of the Universe Brigitte Bardot "BELINDA" will be mated again on her winter heat 20/21 so pups born during springtime is my estimation.
Belinda is a show champion, done a great mentalitytest and has the best temperament ever - her pups from her first litter is thriving and looks super!
Belinda is a healthy girl, tested clear for heart, kidney, patella, BAER and eyes, She is dna tested clear för PKD and LAD Carrier.
Male will be tested Clear of course.