Breeding plans - bullterrier




Light of the Universe Brigitte Bardot "BELINDA" 
Tricolor female, show champion, mentaldiscription done
Healthtests are clear for heart/kidney/patella/eyes/audio
DNA tests PKD Clear, LAD Carrier

Gigantic-Giant Mg Pixel "PIXEL" 
a lovely brindle & white male, he is show champion, 
mentaldiscription is booked and his
healthtests are clear for heart/kidney/patella/audio
DNA tests PKD Clear, LAD Clear

Expected Colors:
White with/without headmarkings. 
Colored & white
red, brindle, maybe blacks

Light of the Universe Brigitte Bardot 2,5år1
GG Mg Pixel 19mån

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Winged Woman Kadhambam1


Winged Woman Kadhambam "KATE"

Kate is DNA tested Clear för PKD & LAD and is checked clear
for heart, kidney/upc and patella. 
She also has had an eye exam/CERF clear.

Kate has been to show, awarded with EXC and has done a splendid
mentality test that made me laugh ALOT! 
just like her parents did.

Winged Woman BlackandGold "WHAM"

Wham is a lovely male, he is cool, a goofball and very kindhearted
He is heart, kidney, patella and eyes clear, dna tested clear
for PKD and carrier of LAD.
He will do a mentality test later this spring and go to shows
as soon as there is any.

Expected colors:
White with/without headmarkings
Colored & white
red, blacks, maybe brindle