Breeding plans for miniature bull terrier


Here are my minibull plans for the future

But please note that plans are plans and they can change..   

Winged Woman Excelsior
Winged Woman Excelsior
  • PLL Clear, LAD Clear
  • Heart - clear
  • Kidneys/UPC - clear
  • Patella 0/0
  • BAER +/+
  • Mentaldescription done
  • Show VG

 7 pups born 2020-08-03 


Morgan is from my E litter, a nice and calm boy whom loves to cuddle, sunbath and play in the garden, a lovely head with small eyes and lovely expression,

sire: Trolldogs Noe
dam: Immortal Red Flame du Xllls Ange

Fjäril is from my M litter, a small butterfly with loads of humour and speed, always makes you laugh and smile

sire: CH Skybar Jamboree
dam: CH Winged Woman Cotton Sweet


2 brindle & white males, 2 brindle & white females, 3 red & white females

Litter is PLL Clear by parentage

Winged Woman Morgenduft

CH Winged Woman Morgenduft 

  • PLL Clear, LAD Carrier
  • Heart - clear
  • Kidneys/UPC - clear
  • Patella 0/0
  • Mentaldescription done
  • Show Champion 


Maybe there will be another litter for 2020, depends on how the girls come in heat.

MINIBuLL puppies are also planned for 2021
(more info later)


! All of my breeding dogs are free from allergies and skin issues !