Breeding plans at Winged Woman

Upcoming Litters: 

PLL Clear/Carrier mating - pups will be tested before delivery

Envy is mated in beginning of March, puppies is then, hopefully, born in beginning of May and ready for their new homes end of June.Heinz & Envy

 In this litter all colors is possible but they will only be solids, colored with small white markings. 

"Envy" & "Heinz"

COI: 0,0%

Envy is my lovely black-looking girl, she is a very funny dog, always up to new tricks that makes you pee your pants laughing! Talks back to you and is very positive to everything and everyone. She is of excellent size and type with a beautiful head. She has all cac needed for German Champion title, just awaiting confirmation, several of her cac was given from breed specialists with lovely write ups, she really loves the ring! She has always been very healthy and is tested clear several times. She is a PLL Carrier. Envy is the mother of WW G litter, a nice looking litter with good health!

Heinz is my polish, polite little dumbass ;) for me he has an interesting pedigree with new lines and he brings perfect size, a short back, a lovely profile as well as an fantastic temperament! This will be his first litter and he is tested clear for heart, kidneys, patella and PLL. He has a scissorbite, full dental and one correct canine, other one is instanding. Heinz has a Res JCAC for a bullbreed specialist and has done the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test.

Here are my plans for 2018/2019
Plans are plans and they can change.. 

"Xera" & "Skybar Jamboree"

PLL Clear/Carrier mating - 
Puppies will be PLL tested before delivery.
COI: 0,0%

Xera is from my  C - litter, a very nice looking litter with excellent temperaments, Xera herself is a true sweetheart, small but with substance and she is a very funny girl, always very happy and a real chatterbox! She has a perfect scissorbite incl her canines, she is around 33cm and is healthtested clear for heart, kidney/UPC and patella, she is also BAER +/+  Xera is a showchampion, has 2 out of the 3 needed CACs in Sweden and has started her C.I.B title aswell with 2 CACIBs. She has also performed the Swedish Kennelclubs mentality test BPH.

Jens is from kennel Skybar and his pedigree includes their two founding lines, one which is superstar Bacon, his mother, quality showgirl and producer! Jens himself has been to shows and gained CACs, Junior champion title and places good at the breedspecialty shows. He has a great temperament, is happy and loving, of good size and with a lovely bite. He has also done a BPH. Jens is healthtested heart, kidneys, patella, BAER and PLL - all clear. From the few litters he has produced so far the pups looks very nice.

"Elekra" & "?"
PLL Clear mating
Elektra is from my E litter and is a mix of Hungarian, French and Russian lines, she hasn't been to many shows- yet!
But for her first try in Germany she gor 2xCACs 1xClubCAC 1xResClubCAC and a title! More to come!
She has also done the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test.
Elektra is PLL Clear by parentage and is BAER +/+ and patella 0/0 more test will be done during 2018

I have a sire in mind but we will see!

"Flor" & "Åleg"
PLL Clear mating
Flor is my little sweetheart, always makes me laugh while tairing my hair out for all her mischiefs!
Flor is from my H litter, mother is superstar Socker so I hope she takes after her mom in being a good producer and mother!
During 2018 she will be healthtested, go to some shows and do the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test/BPH.

Åleg is my Russian star, god I love that dog so much!  He has sired two since looking litters here and this will be his last, he has always been healty as a horse and passed his healthtests, they will be updated before this mating. Åleg has been to one show where he got CAC, CACIB and BOS! He has also done the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test/BPH.

Both is tested PLL Clear so litter will be clear by parentage.
Pups will most likely be brindle & white or white with brindle marking.

"Micro" & "?"
PLL Clear mating

Micro is from my F litter, she is a nice, typy girl with a nice profile and good substance.
Micro has been to a show and was awarded EXC.
Micro is PLL Clear by parentage and BAER +/+ for 2018 healthtests (heart, kidney, patella) is planned for her. I'm hoping for a BPH.



!!All of my breeding dogs are free from allergies and skin issues!!