Breeding plans for miniature bull terrier


Winged Woman Wolf River 13mån
Winged Woman Wolf River
pll+lad clear
healthtested clear
Res cac on terriershow

7 pups born 12 oct

Beta is from my P litter with my lovely
Socker as grandma, both her parents
are healthtested, has showmerits and
has both done mentaldescriptions.

Johnny is from my W litter and has
parents who are healthtested &
both done mentaldescriptions.

Winged Woman Pacific Rose 2år

Winged Woman Pacific Rose
pll clear, lad carrier
healthtested clear
mentaldescription done

Male will be annonced later

litter planned

Tivoli is a funny and energetic girl,
she is in good size, has parents
that is healthtested clear, has
showmerits and done mentaldescription 

Winged Woman Starshaped 2år

Winged Woman Starshaped
pll clear, lad carrier
healthtested clear
Show merits



! All of my breeding dogs are free from allergies and skin issues !