Breeding plans for miniature bull terrier

Born 13th of October

1 solid brindle male, 1 brindle & white male, 1 brindle & white female

"Elektra" & "Ivan"
PLL Clear mating
Elektra is from my E litter and is a mix of Hungarian, French and Russian lines.
She has been to shows in Germany: 3xCACs 1xClubCAC 1xResClubCAC, 1 Res CAC and a title! She also has a CAC in Norway.
She has done the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test.
Elektra is PLL Clear by parentage, is BAER +/+ and patella 0/0. Heart is checked clear by a heartspecialist. Kidneys is also clear.

Ivan is a fantastic male that I have used in the past and I do have some greatgrandchildren from him - meaning I know exactly what he throws! You can never have to much of Ivan imo! Ivans offsprings and their offsprings are of good construction, they have excellent temperaments and with a good health and overall good bites.
He is healthtested several times - always clear and is a championdog. 




Here are my plans for the future
Plans are plans and they can change.. 


"Flor" &
PLL Clear mating
Flor is my little sweetheart, always makes me laugh while tairing my hair out for all her mischiefs!
Flor is from my H litter, mother is superstar Socker so I hope she takes after her mom in being a good producer and mother!
She is already tested PLL Clear, BAER +/+ Heart is checked clear by a heartspecialist and she is kidney/upc clear and Patella 0/0
She has done the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test/BPH and was Best Juniorfemale for breed specialist.

Pups will most likely be brindle & white or white with brindle markings.
(white pups will be BAER tested before deliviery, colored on inquiry)

"Micro" & "Göran"
PLL Clear mating
Micro is from my F litter, she is a nice, typy girl with a nice profile and good substance. She has a super temperament.
Micro has been to a show and was awarded EXC and has done the Swedish Kennel Clubs Behavior and Personality test/BPH.
icro is PLL Clear by parentage and BAER +/+ before mating healthtests (heart, kidney, patella) will be done.
Göran is one of my russians, he has a great character, bite and good contruction even if he is a bit bigger. He has been awarded excellent at shows and did a stellar BPH.
Göran is healthtested PLL Clear by test, patella 0/0 and heart/kidneys clear - which will be updated before this mating takes place.

"Plommon" & "?"
PLL Clear mating...probably

Plommon is mother of two pups that looks really good and is very nice tempered.
Plommon is a healthy girl, in perfect size with a perfect bite and is an absolut fantastic mother.
More info about the male later, mating will be no earlier than 2019.


"Maggie" & "Otto"
PLL Clear mating
2 still very young dogs but they complement each other very well so I'm very excited about this comb!
Much plans for both of them before it is time, mating will be no earlier than 2019.
Maggie is shown with good results and is entered to a BPH, she is healthtested heart/patella, BAER +/+ and PLL Clear by parentage.
Kidneys will be done later. Otto is healthtested clear and PLL Clear by parentage.


! All of my breeding dogs are free from allergies and skin issues !