Breeding plans for miniature bull terrier


Here are my minibull plans for the future

But please note that plans are plans and they can change..   

All pups from PLL Clear/Carrier combos will be DNA tested before delivery, white pups will be BAER tested before delivery  



  • PLL Clear



X & Flor

Flor is my little sweetheart, always makes me laugh while tairing my hair out for all her mischiefs!
Flor is from my H litter, mother is superstar Socker so I hope she takes after her mom in being a good producer and mother!
She is 36cm and with ALOT of substance.

Sire will be presented later



ME PCH Winged Woman
Hidden Rose

  • PLL Clear by test
  • Heart clear
  • Kidney clear
  • Patella 0/0
  • BAER +/+
  • #1 Juniorfemale on VS -18
  • Mentaldescription done







"MR X"

  • Healthtested clear
  • More info coming later!


""Lexie" & "MR X"

Lexie is from my E litter and is mother to my O-litter which is looking nice! She is a small pocketrocket with a nice profile, perfect size and a nice bite!

More info about the male later! But if all goes as planned, this is an very exciting litter!




Colors that is likely is white with brindle or red markings, brindle & white or red & whites.
Black is not likely in this combination

This litter is planned for fall/winter 2019



HR CH Sieger im Stiegerwald -18
Winged Woman Elektra

  • PLL Clear by parentage
  • Heart clear
  • Kidney clear
  • Patella 0/0
  • BAER +/+
  • Champion
  • Mentaldescription done

Otto (photo: Lars Halvardsson)

Platinum Naggets Oliver

  • PLL Clear by parentage
  • Heart prel clear
  • Kidneys prel clear
  • Patella prel 0/0
  • Import Russia


 "Otto" & "Maggie"

2 dogs with alot to give and they complement each other very well so I'm truly excited about this comb!

Maggie is a leggy girl with substance and a beautiful type.

Otto is a smaller male with lots of power! In his first litter the pups have a beautiful type and absolutly smashing heads.

Litter will be PLL Clear by parentage and white pups will be BAER tested before delivery.


Colors will be white with red or black & tan markings as well as red & whites or tricolors

this litter is planned for 2020



 Maggie 2år

Montana Friendlybulls

  • PLL Clear by parentage
  • Heart clear
  • Kidneys soon
  • Patella 0/0
  • BAER +/+
  • CAC, BOB
  • Mentaldecription done
  • Import Slovakia




If healthtests are clear there is planned matings for these girls for the future:

  • Winged Woman Joybells "KAFFE"
  • Winged Woman Morgenduft "FJÄRIL"
  • Winged Woman Mother "HEXA"




! All of my breeding dogs are free from allergies and skin issues !