Welcome to Winged Woman Kennel

My kennel is located in Sweden, on the "High Coast", about 5 hours drive north of Stockholm. 
My main focus in my breeding is health and temperament, my ambition is that all of my own 
breeding dogs have done a mentaldescription and is shown at least once at an offical or
breed specialty show.
I have bred minibulls since 2011 and since 2018 the kennel also includes bull terrier.
All my breeding dogs are healthtested for heart and kidneys, the miniature bull terriers all
have known PLL & LAD status as I use also carriers, the bullterriers I tests for LAD & PKD.
I do not use dogs with any type of allergies or skin problems regardless of which breed. 

Puppies are raised indoors but will be outside as much as the weather allows, they are raised
with their mothers present at all times and they will be around the other dogs of the house.
The pups will be used to other people, kids, they will have their claws cut regulary, will be
dewormed, get bathed and socialized etc. 
Puppies will be registered with a pedigree from the Swedish Kennel Club, they will also be
microchipped, have a Vet Certificate and for exports also passport, deworming,
vaccinations required for transport aswell as an exportpedigree.
I will help with transport all over the world.
My kennel name is registered with FCI and Swedish Kennel Club (SKK)

Please note that a puppy is in Sweden ready for delivery at 8 weeks of age and that it
might be possible for me to keep the puppy longer to apply with your countrys
regulations but I can't promise longer than 10weeks of age, we can discuss and see if it might work.


Please feel welcome to contact me with questions or an inquiry.
Regards, Milla Strandheim


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High Coast Bridge

The kennel is located in one of the most
beautiful places in Sweden
(imo anyway)
It's also a UNESCO
World Heritage site.