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Här kan du se utställningsresultat för de hundar som ingår i Winged Woman teamet samt av mig uppfödda hundars resultat.

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8 april, Sundsvall. Antal anmälda: 4. Domare: Tiina Hallsten, Finland

Winged Woman Duke, championklass

1 april, Malmö. Antal anmälda: 16. Domare: Sanja Vretenicic, Montenegro

Montana Friendlybulls, juniorklass

24 februari, NSKK inoff valp/junior/veteran utställning. Antal anmälda: 3.

Montana Friendlybulls, valp 6-9månader. BIR Valp

18 februari, Erfurt Club Show Bullbreeds. Antal anmälda: l6. Domare: Pitr Krohl, Polen

Crazy Dance Marso, öppenklass CAC

Winged Woman Elektra, unghundsklass CAC, Res. Club CAC

17 februari, Erfurt Club Show Bullbreeds. Antal anmälda: 23. Domare: Juan Miranda Saucedo, Mexico

Crazy Dance Marso, öppenklass CAC

Winged Woman Elektra, unghundsklass CAC, Club CAC, Sieger in Stiegerwald -l8

februari, Vinterspecialen (inoff rasspecial). Antal anmälda: 58. Domare: Joanna Szewczyk, kennel Quentinhill, UK

Winged Woman Directeur, unghundsklass

"brindle & white of good size, a little bit shy today, in a very good condition and handled well, good head however I prefer a bit more profile, good front & tight feet, short back tail is set coorect and a good bend of stifle. Very nice mini"

Winged Woman Doctor, unghundsklass

"beautiful little boy, attractive markings, very good ring presence and showed well, ears bang on top, beautiful eyes, a bit broad(briud??) from side, a little straight in front, moves in typical mini fashion"

Winged Woman Duke, unghundsklass

"beautiful marked brindle & white male, good ears, eyes and a decent profile, beautiful expression, good neck onto wide chest & straight front, correct topline and tailset, a very quality dog"  HP, Klassvinnare, BIM Unghund 2 Bästa Hane

Winged Woman Excelsior, unghundsklass

"white with eyepatch, very sound male, very good make & shape, uses his ears all the time, very good head in profile and excellent fill, straight front, good feets, very attractive in movements, good topline, hindquarters and tailset, very pleasant temperament, presented very well" 3a i klassen

Winged Woman Hidden Rose, juniorklass

"Very nice and sound young bitch. I would prefer a little bit better profile, good neck into correct shoulders, short back, correct topline & tailset, Very well put together. Unfortunately mouth faoult. Very nice in movement." HP, Klassvinnare, BIM Junior

Winged Woman Brown Sweet, öppenklass 2-4 år

"petite beautiful girl, full of personality, moves with drive, level bite, nice feminine head, very pretty ears, eyes and for the breed a typical expression, presented in a perfect condition, well made throughout very pretty girl"

Infinity Illai Friendlybulls, öppenklass 5-7år

"Typical minigirl, good in size, compact in body, nice feminine head with a sweeping profile, nice ears and eyes, good neck into very good shoulders, short back, good bent of stifle, Very showy and nice girl" HP, Klassvinnare

Uppfödargrupp - (WW Duke, Doctor, Directeur, Brown Sweet)

"The most even of the 3 groups Congratulations to the breeder, lovely markings & temperament on all of them, the best sizes of all the groups, a very nice line, they all have correct make and shape and good bone" HP

Avelsgrupp - Infinity Illai Friendlybulls (WW Duke, Doctor, Directeur, Hidden Rose)

"Very high qualitygroup, the mother produces even type of a very good size which is so important in this breed, all of the dogs have very nice front and short backs which I like a lot. All have a very good mini type and nice temperaments" HP BIR BIS2 (BIS final för Dodo Sandahl)

7 januari MyDog2, Göteborg. Antal Anmälda l6. Domare: Paul Scanlon, IRL

Winged Woman Flower of the Town, junior


"excellent breed type, feminine head, lovely eyes, good in skull, well set ears, good sound assembley, need cleaner action in hind, little loose in front action, would prefer a better bite, good profile on the move"