Utställningsresultat för år 2012

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26 December, Moheda Inoff. DomareCharlotte Orre, SE 

Infinity Illai Friendly Bulls, Valp kl 4-6 mån

HP, BIR - Valp, BIG-2 Valp 4-9

"Appeling female, lovely expression on head, wellset ears, powerfull neck, great topline, well carried tail well angulated front and back, nice forcheast and deepth, Moves well and nice coat"


4 November, Växjö CACIB. Antal anmälda: 4 Domare: Branislav Rajic, Slovenien. (terrier specialist)

Sweet Little Bratz Beauti Brynhild, Unghunds kl.


"20 months, good size, nice edour, excellent eyes and ears, headprofile should be better domed, topline to high in croupe, excellent feet, strong bones, movement is fluient,  just topline should be better."


7 Oktober, Hauck Memorial. Domare: Joy Pilkington (Kennel Jawarke) & A. Gates, UK.

Infinity Illai Friendly Bulls, Baby kl.

Mycket Lovande.

"3 month old white, cobby, good hind angulation, nice tight feet, good profile, nice finish and good fill, Perfect puppy teeths Good earset, Outgoing nature. Moved and handled well!"